Rigby's Laser Tag

Laser-Tag Highlights

  • 6,000 square feet, 5th largest in the Nation
  • Two-story base area
  • 10-minute sessions with two 5 minute games
  • Black lights set the tone for each team
  • Reservations are available

Hiding behind pillars, running up ramps, and attacking from above keep the game of Laser-Tag interesting in our two-story 6,000 square foot arena.  Rigby’s Entertainment Complex offers the 5th largest Laser-Tag arena in the nation.  The only place in Middle Georgia to offer such capacity, there’s little to consider when deciding what to do with your time off.  Our vests allow for maximum stealth with see-through interfaces and personal direction to when you’ve made a hit or when you need to be out of sight.  The game is monitored by one of our specialists and coordinated by our state-of-art Laser-Tag programs.  You can choose to play teams, with a base, or a free for all game.  You start off in our briefing room that gives you the breakdown of what to expect from the game, how to use the equipment, and what each message on your personal speaker is telling you.  Next is the vesting room where you determine teams and choose green or red attire.  Then it’s off to the bases to strategize and to anticipate the start of the round.  After the start, your adrenaline-fueled run through the arena is counted down from 5 minutes.  At the end of each game, a list of the top shooter will be shown at your respective team’s base screen where you compare which team or individual won.  Time blocks are available for reservations to ensure that you get immediate play time to optimize your experience here at Rigby’s Entertainment Complex. 


Per Session


*Must be at least 48" tall to play.

Go Karts are subject to closure during inclement weather or cold temperatures. Please call (478) 287-6465 to check closures.

After 10 pm on Friday and Saturday, it is 18+ Only.  Any patrons under the age of 18, even if they are with an adult, will be asked to join us on a different day.

Patrons under the age of 18 that are unaccompanied by an adult must add $20 to their Rigby’s Card.


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