Go Karts are subject to closure during inclement weather or cold temperatures. Please call (478) 287-6465 to check closures.

After 10 pm on Friday and Saturday, it is 18+ Only.  Any patrons under the age of 18, even if they are with an adult, will be asked to join us on a different day.

Patrons under the age of 18 that are unaccompanied by an adult must add $15 to their Rigby’s Card.


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Rigby's Bowling Alley

Rigby's Bowling Alley

Bowling Highlights

  • 10 wood lanes
  • Lane specific couches
  • Blacklight activated floors, balls, and walls
  • Hi-Def score display screens
  • Separate enclosure from the rest of the building
  • Sound minimalizing from the arcade and skating
  • Bumpers and ramps available
  • Shoe rental available

Our 10 bowling lanes are powered by a state of the art system that is complemented by the luxury offered with our lane specific couches.  Tables in between the couches allow for the use of anything from food and beverages to personal items that can be placed on the built-in shelves.  Service from the restaurant is available at the lanes making the experience all the more relaxing.  Our lighting can go from day to night with just a switch.  Black lights line the whole area and create an effect that is incomparable to anywhere in the Middle Georgia area.  The black lights expose designs on the wood floor that are activated when turned on along with the glowing aspects in the panels above the lanes.  If you don’t see the stars over the lanes, that’s because our Hi-Def projector screens are showcasing anything from music videos, television, or custom text.  Visualize your favorite playoff, World Cup, or team’s game on these wallcovering screens.  Create a completely private experience with our four back lanes available for rental and total enclosure from the other six lanes.  Located in Warner Robins, Georgia we offer an alternative to the routine of plastic chairs and self-service concessions.  Experiences bowling like you've never seen in the Middle Georgia area with a touch of luxury and loads of FUN.



Per Game, Per Person



Mon - Fri (11:30AM to 5:00PM)   


Mon - Thu (5:00PM to Close)


Fri 5:00PM - Closing Sunday & Holidays  


Shoe Rental:



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