Rigby's Roller Skating

Rigby's Roller Skating

Skating Highlights

  • Concrete Skate floor
  • Roller skates (quads) and Blades (in-line) available for rental
  • Seating located around and on the skate floor
  • Custom concert lighting, lasers, fog, and sound technology  
  • Projector screens playing music videos, showing TV, or custom text
  • Semi-private party area available for rental
  • Access to the billiards area from Skate floor

Our skate floor can house any affair from single skaters to seated banquets.  We pride ourselves on having one of the most up to date skating floors in Middle Georgia.  Located in Warner Robins, Georgia the skate floor is what sparked the idea for Rigby’s Entertainment Complex.  Central to the building, it is the largest attraction in the Complex.  Our speakers play the sound track of your choosing throughout the experience with our location specific DJ technology.  Concert lights, lasers, and fog all follow suite with the capability to be programmed to move in-sync along with you to the music.  Seating is located directly on the skate floor to offer some relief from the groove or to just sit back and relax for a moment on the stools surrounding the floor.  Food and drink are permitted at the counter and tables accompanying the floor so you can keep an eye on all those involved in your party while enjoying your selection from our full menu or bar.  Our coated cement floor allows for the ultimate skate experience here in Warner Robins, GA.  Sleek and smooth, our roller rink is undisputed in the realms of modern design and functionality.  We offer skate-mate rentals in assistance to those that aren’t as balanced on wheels and the ultimate adult experience after 10 pm for 18 and older.   No matter the time, day, or your age we’re ready for you to come skating and to Get Some Fun!




Per Session




1st Session: Mon - Fri (10:00AM to 4:00PM)


2nd Session: Mon - Thu (5:00PM to Close)


Weekend Sessions: Friday After 5:00PM
Sunday till Close & Holidays


Skate Rental

  All Rentals
Skate Accessories    
  Skate Mate (2 Hour Rental)

*All session prices are base prices that DO NOT include skate rentals.
  Group rate applies to groups of 10 or more. Reservations required.