Rigby's Billiards

rigbys billiards

Billiards Highlights

  • 21+ and older room
  • Separated from the general skate area

By the hour pool tables ensure that you’ll keep a spot for yourself while in the 21+ billiards area. The room is just inside the building from the Outdoor Oyster Bar and Go-Kart track.  Pool balls and weighted pool sticks are all available for check-out at the Bowling counter. The pool tables are not like the ones found in your typical Middle Georgia bar. They are finely covered with cloth, rubber lined, and individualized leather pockets keep the balls from being slotted into a quarter controlled release. Drinks are permitted in the billiards room and game series are encouraged. High-top tables and chairs keep with the adult vibe presented by the billiards and TV’s keep you informed on all sports, event, and race fronts.