Rigby's Arcade & Redemption Games

Rigbys Aracde-Connect-Four

Arcade Highlights

  • Electronic Gaming Experience
  • Check total point amounts on our red tellers
  • Points are loaded onto Rigby’s Card
  • Redeem points at the redemption counter

Our Top 10 Games:

  1. Big Bass Wheel
  2. T-shirt & Candy Crane
  3. Dead Storm Pirates
  4. Monster Drop
  5. Photo Booth
  6. Typhoon Roller Coaster
  7. Spin and Win
  8. Space Balls
  9. Wizard of Oz
  10. Deal or No Deal

Upgraded from the days of joysticks and simplistic screens, flashing lights and Hi-Definition games attract your attention.  Even though we’ve taken on the modernization of arcade gaming, the classics are still present on the floor as well as some adaptations from TV Game Shows.  Gone are the days of keeping up with tokens and tickets.  Our Rigby’s Cards consolidate all of your arcade baggage into one slim card.  Points earned from games are collected electronically on the card, each swipe with a card accounts for the games, and the redemption counter is no less technological either.  One scan and you’ve got your prizes in your hands.  Plan to save up for our top prizes and check how many you have in the bank with our red tellers.  Choose the card history option, swipe your card, and then you’ll have a full transactions list of games you’ve played and points you’ve earned.


Game Prices Vary