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5 Fun Ways to get Summer Body Ready

Written by Rigby's Entertainment Complex.




1. Skating

Not only does skating make for a great date night, but you can burn over 500 calories in one hour of causal skating.  Plus, skating is easy on your joints, an excellent way to strengthen muscles, and good for your heart. If you hate running, skating is the best cardio alternative for you.

2. Dance Dance Revolution

Simply Google “DDR Weight Loss”  to witness the hundred of Americans who owe their body transformations to the cult classic video game, Dance Dance revolution.

One song burns over 16 calories! In just one hour, you can burn over 640 calories dancing your butt off.  Aside from getting your cardio in, playing DDR helps improve balance and agility! ­­

3. Laser Tag

Barney’s obsession with laser tag on How I Met Your Mother  could be the key to his fitness. You’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even notice you’re burning tons of calories! Laser Tag is not only great cardio, but it also works out your mind as you struggle to dodge the other team’s bullets. Laser tag can also be a good team-building exercise to add to your next office retreat.

4. Bowling

Twisting, swinging, sitting, standing, turning motions all help you burn calories and flex muscles. You actually work all the muscles in the body while bowling and can burn 150-300 calories while bowling. Join a weekly bowling league and the results will speak for themselves.

5. Zumba

Zumba is HOT right now. Check out your local gym or rec department for weekly Zumba classes or search Facebook for upcoming Zumbathons. If your “clubbing” days are in your past, Zumba is the perfect way to “party yourself into shape”. Ideal for weight loss and body toning, one hour of Zumba burns up to 1,000 calories.

Learn the Lingo: 10 Cornament Terms You Didn't Know Existed

Written by Rigby's Entertainment Complex.

Cornhole, bean bag toss, dummy boards, baggo, bags. Whatever you like to call it, cornhole has taken over as a favorite American pass time. Some claim cornhole originated in Germany, others say Kentucky. Wherever the actual origins may be, cornhole is here to say. The American Cornhole Organization, the ACO, established in 2005 ( yes, it's that serious) hosts many cornhole tournaments across the U.S, offering large ($$$$$)  cash prizes and, of course, infamous glory.  If you haven't ventrured into the world of cornhole past your backyard barbecue, now is the time. After recently encountering  a few cornhole professionals, we have gathered a list of ten #cornament terms that will help you fit in the with pros. 
Ace/Cow Pie: A bag that lands on the board, typically worth one point. 
Cornado: When a player dominates a game in such a  way that they destroy everyone in their wake.
Dirty Bag: A bag that is on the ground or hanging off the board touching the ground.
Cornstar: A person who defines supreme confidence, nearly devine ability, and a frequent disregard for authority.
Screaming Eagle: A bag that goes beyond the board without hitting the board.
Leprechaun: When a player gets all four bags on the board without getting any in the hole. 
Nothing But Hole: An expression that means the bag passed through the cornhole without touching the rim.
Hammer: The last bag tossed each round.
Cornhole Drano: A bag that falls in the hole, typically worth 3 points.
Hanger/Shook: An ace on the lip of the hole ready to drop. 
Be forewarned, these terms are only used by the mos seasoned cornhole professionals. We advise you have the game to back up your talk. 
Find cornhole pros here.
Find upcoming cornhole tournaments here

Why You Should Have a Post-Holiday Party

Written by Rigby's Entertainment Complex.



Too Busy to Party in December?

January and February are the perfect months for a

'tad bit late holiday soiree'

"Wait, isn't that tacky?" you ask. Chances are more people will be willing and able to attend your post-holiday party. The holiday season is a stressful time for most. It is harder to find a babysitter, plan around your own schedule and your partner's, your friend's and your kids' holiday parties during December. Post- holiday parties are a wonderful way to catch up with colleagues & friends and reward all your hard working employees that endured the hectic holidays with you!


Post-Holiday Party Ideas

Post-Holiday Gift Swap
Re-wrap a holiday gift you were going to throw away anyway. Chances are, someone else can make use of it & you can get something for yourself in return.

Themed Party
Just because it's a "Post-Holiday" Party, doesn't mean it has to be decked in holly. Try something different like a circus theme or Oscar screening party.

A Give-Back Party
With all the holiday spending you did in 2015, this is the perfect opportunity to bring some of your children's old toys and clothes and left over canned goods to donate to a local shelter. Plus, that leaves you with more room for all your new Christmas loot!

5 Benefits of Bonding with Family this Holiday Season

Written by Rigby's Entertainment Complex.

5 Benefits of Bonding with Family this Holiday Season
First off, let's set something straight.
This is not "family bonding". Electronic devices are preventing your family from actual bonding. Family bonding is designated time your family plans to interact with each other over a group of activities or a fun project.

1. Create Memories

You don't need to spend a lot of money to create memories. You don't even need a camera. Research shows that experiencing new activities or participating in new activities with loved ones are the most preserved memories. Rather than putting in the same movie for the kids every Christmas Eve, take the family out for a night of bowling and laser tag. Especially in young children, new stimuli – faces, places, and activities- are shown to boost creativity.

2. Emotional Advantage

Both children and adults benefit from family relationships during times of great stress, such as tragedy, death or divorce. Adolescents with involved families are shown to have better academic performance, fewer behavioral problems and are less likely to engage in violence and substance abuse. Family trips are a great way to get to know family members more deeply and to spend some quality time together outside of our normal routine interactions in our day to day lives. No matter how simple or extravagant the outing, the act of getting together with relatives and doing things together strengthens family relationships.

3. Spending Time With Your Sister Can Make You Happier

A study of 571 people presented at a British Psychological Society meeting showed that those who spent time with their sisters were more likely to be happy, reported BBC News. Individuals with sisters were found to have better communication amongst the family and were more likely to be balanced, according to the study. Research also shows that friendly sibling competition strengthens emotional stability and fosters better relationships. Let the kids settle their beef on the Go-Kart track or Laser Tag Arena. It's less expensive than when they throw their Xbox controller at the TV.

4. Longer Life

In a study conducted by BlissTree.org 36% percent of people say their nutrition is affected by influence from their friends and family. 46% of people in the survey said that their loved ones make a difference in their overall healthy lifestyles. Even if you're not an athletically active person, you can keep up with your marathon running cousin for a few laps around the roller skating rink. You might even like it enough to make it a weekly ritual and there goes those 10lbs. you been wanting to lose.

5. Easier Communication = More Favors When You Really Need Them 

It's a lot easier to ask Aunt Belinda for that last bit of cash you need to plan your semester abroad if you have a positive line of communication. Aunt Belinda may also be the one to help you when your child has entered the terrible tweens and refuses to come out of their room because you "don't understand". Family tends to have your best interest at heart, so you'll be glad you made it to the family New Year's Eve party when your teen decides to run away to Cousin Stacy's instead of with those "hooligans" you keep fretting over.

5. Boost Creativity

Teenagers want (and need) to build independence and identities separate from their families, but our society often places too much emphasis on that and not enough on their need to connect. In fact, the average American family is spending less time together. Rather than dropping your teen off at the door, join them for a Banana Split Sundae and work your way around the arcade together. Playing arcade games has been proven to release stress boost creativity. Performing in a social environments has also been proven to boost strategic thinking skills.


Spending time with your family strengthens relationships and makes wonderful family memories.
So begin during the holidays and continue making time for each other throughout the year.

Rigby's Restaurant. Now and the Future

Written by Rigby's Entertainment Complex.

Crab Legs?

With the recent addition of a new restaurant manager and general manager, Rigby's Entertainment Complex has been working hard to give a breath of new life to Rigby's Restaurant and Sweet Sally Soda Shop. For instance, we have added several new dishes such as fried mushrooms, New York style Philly cheese steaks, and pulled pork barbecue sandwiches (served with cinnamon sugar dusted sweet potato fries, yum! ).

A wise man once said

"Secret, secrets are no fun unless you tell everyone!"

So, if you aren't already drooling, check out what else you probably didn't know about Rigby's Restaurant.

Rigby's "Secret" Menu

Fried Mushrooms. Served with a creamy horseradish sauce. Nuff' said.

South Georgia Burger. A favorite among employees, so you know it's good. Imagine an 8 oz. 100% Angus beef patty topped with ranch, pepper jack cheese and jalapenos. Here's the twist: all of that deliciousness wrapped in a tortilla and pressed on the grill. Seriously, just try it.

Personal Pizzas. Start with a 6″ five-cheese ( a.k.a "never basic") pizza and go from there! Top it with all the hearty meats and fresh vegetables you'd like. You'll never look back.

Gulf Coast Oysters. Get em' raw or steamed. Try them with bacon and cheese. Or, go for the classic rendition Oysters Rockefeller, topped with herbs, butter, cheese and spinach.

Snow Crab Legs. Yes, we have crab legs. Order them by the pound and dip them in butter.

Craw fish. Yes, craw fish too. Did we mention the outdoor Oyster Bar? Dine on the patio, located adjacent to the Go-Kart track and Mini-Golf course and order from Rigby's Oyster Bar menu: Asian Shrimp by the pound, Craw fish, Gulf Coast Oysters, and Snow Crab Legs

Whether you're in the mood for all American cuisine or a knife-and-fork entree, there is something for everyone at Rigby's Restaurant. You'll definitely want to be sure to top off your meal with a visit to Sweet Sally's Soda Shop for a sundae, milkshake, or even assorted candies! Come see for yourself! Rigby's Restaurant is sure to provide good service and even better food.

Rigby's Restaurant opens for lunch at 11 am, 7 days a week. Upon request, servers are available to serve you at the bowling lanes, skate rink tables, billiards room, or Oyster Bar Patio.

Check out a full lunch and dinner menu here: http://ow.ly/UMuuL     
Lenox Park and Lenox Pointe Apartment residents receive a 10% discount at
Rigby’s Restaurant and Sweet Sally Soda Shop every Monday